Friday, August 7, 2009

Recovery from Spiritual Abuse

Recovery from Spiritual Abuse is one of the few sites I've seen that directly address how to treat someone newly out of a spiritually abusive group. Though the site stresses recovery, its list of statements (for reconciling "outcasts" to God's people) is helpful even for grappling with the whole spiritual abuse issue. It kind of reminds the deceived of things they used to know but may have been brainwashed to forget:

  • Leaders are not more favored by God over others in the church.

  • All struggle spiritually, even leaders.

  • All are in various stages of growth (no instant spirituality).

  • All make mistakes, none is infallible.

  • All can learn to hear God’s voice for themselves - no need to remain spiritual children who must submit to parental leaders.

  • All need each other - none is needless.

  • All have something to give and are valuable to God.

  • All leaders and lay persons—are called to live by the same standards.

  • All need to have their own relationship with God apart from the involvement of other believers—including spouses.

  • The church is not just one building or one gathering, but believers everywhere.

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