Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Has Authority Gone Too Far?

When has Authority Gone Too Far? This article, also a Battered Sheep contribution, highlights the unhealthy way we've turned pastors to gods. It includes a list of 11 marks of perverted authority:
  • The claim of direct authority from God, rather than testing things by the Word
  • The command is to "submit to me," rather than "I will serve you"
  • The method of leadership is to "order" people around, rather than to appeal for them to do the right things
  • There is a dominating, "pushy" drive instead of a dependence on God to direct
  • There is a sense of control, rather than a sense of support
  • A gift is exploited so that others are made to feel dependent on it
  • There is an inflexibility--"don't question me"--"don't touch the Lord's anointed"
  • There is unapproachability and intimidation--the "aura" around the leader keeps the followers in "awe"
  • There emerges an organization built around a man and his peculiar emphases instead of around Christ and His Word
  • There will be cyclical challenges to the authority figure (which are immediately and forcefully purged)
  • There is more concern for maintaining the authoritarian structure than there is for caring about the people in it
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