Monday, July 4, 2011

Religious Cults Info

This blog focuses on aledged spiritually abusive practices of Word of Faith Fellowship in North Carolina, but includes links to other spiritually abusive situations as well. Author John Huddle includes helpful tips, news sites and decent links to spiritual abuse resources -- as well as personal observations and stories of abuse from the WOFF.

One post that clearly demonstrates the interference in personal lives exercised by this group is called AM I WRONG? PLEASE LET ME KNOW later linked and called The Toilet Paper Revelation. It describes a situation in which his pastor announces that God has shown her the correct way to handle toilet paper.
It describes the way members tried to comply with correct toilet paper usage. An excerpt from the post:
The fallout from this service was amazing. True to form, children began to scrutinize the paper habits of those in their household! There were self-appointed “TP Police”. Some were more vocal than others. Do you know the thoughts that one would have when you finished and had to make to the choice, fold or not fold? Or if it was your turn to change the roll, over or under? The pressure to be on the right side of this revelation was VERY GREAT! Because many households had more than one family, bathroom habits were visible by more than your immediate family members. 

If you are trying to demonstrate to someone the controlling nature of spiritually abusive groups, this site is a must.

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